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Urulux Shipping & Delivery

Urulux shipping & delivery information:


Domestic: South Africa



  • Namibia: $30
  • African countries (excl Namibia): $35
  • United Kingdom: $90
  • Other International deliveries: $90


  • Orders over $750: Free



Urulux will endeavor to process your order as soon as practicably possible. Items in stock will be dispatched as soon as the payment has been processed and the monies reflected in our accounts.

Please allow 10 business days to receive items that are in stock for domestic buyers. International customs and cross border controls may delay some orders but Urulux will keep you notified of any possible delays. Some international orders may take 3-4 weeks to reach you.

Please allow 21 business days for items not in stock to be dispatched. Please allow more time for any Masterpiece or Customized items as these will be made to order, however Urulux will inform you of the expected delivery date.

Proof of payment will not constitute nor be accepted that payment has been made.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call customer assistance at: +27 (0) 21 418 0072 or at info@urulux.com